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そこから、ショップ名を Reed としました。


From "Ibara" The holy land of DENIM.





The reed is called "Osa" in japanese and used in producing denim.

Denim is made up of the combination the warp and the weft;

The wefts are passed through between the warp and driven through them in order not to get loose.

The reed "osa" plays the role of driving the wefts through the warps;

"It's the one that is never noticeable,but indispensable" in producing the denim,

which is why we named our shop "Reed".

This DENIM which is produced by the craftsmen in "Ibara",

the Holly Land of denim is suggested by "Reed".



644 nanukaichi ibara

okayama  japan


0866 62 0111

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